Nilfisk Consumer

Multi II 50

a powerful wet & dry vacuum cleaner with a large container

Product no: 18451561

The Multi II is a good companion to the Do it yourself person in need of picking up sizeable dust and dirt like wood chips. The machine may also be used for more stationary usage like in workshops or sheds due to its large container

The Multi II - the second generation of Multipurpose vacuum cleaners - offer a filter cleaning indicator on all models. This is a warning telling you that the vacuum is loosing performance and it is about time to clean or replace the filter.

The Multi II also offers a Push&Clean function to clean the filter. This function is a semi-automatic method of cleaning the filter by creating an airwave hitting the filter from inside out.

The combination of filter cleaning indicator and Push&Clean function makes this machine a truly unique offer. Together these features ensures a consistent high cleaning performance.

    • Filter clean indicator
    • Push&Clean, a semi-automatic filter cleaning function
    • Sturdy build with a robust  1400 W engine for long life
    • High suction power
    • Blow function
    • 50 l container with very good net filling capacity
    • Stainless steel tubes

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