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Nilfisk One is a small & handy vacuumer and is therefore perfect for small places and confined spaces.

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The new Nilfisk One is built with you in mind. All models are fitted with our new neat Storability solution and come with Energy “A” rating. The Nilfisk One is a small & handy vacuumer and is therefore perfect for small places and confined spaces. To make it even easier to use, we have also fitted the Nilfisk One with Click fit. 
Are you living in a smaller apartment or have a need for a second vacuum cleaner, this is the machine for you!

Nilfisk One Series - designed with today’s living in mind

Introducing our newest family members, the Nilfisk One series of vacuums.

  • Nilfisk One
  • Nilfisk One Reach
  • Nilfisk One Clean Air
  • Nilfisk One Prime

The Nilfisk One range has been designed with today’s living in mind. It’s compact for easy storage without compromising on performance, manoeuvrability or style.

Living spaces today are becoming smaller and this means space is more precious; Nilfisk have designed the One Series with this thought in mind. The smaller design means easy storage in any living situation, along with a specially designed storage belt that enables the hose to be held in place when wrapped around the vacuum.

You’ll also spend less time cleaning with a machine that provides all the performance of dust pick up that most would expect to be achieved by only larger vacuums. You can effortlessly adjust the motor speed to meet your specific cleaning task, and with handy on-board accessories, easy manoeuvrability and a dust bag full indicator showing you when to change the bag, cleaning could not be made easier.

As you would expect, the performance and energy ratings from the new Nilfisk One products are second to none:

  • EPA 10 through to H13 filters giving the clean exhaust air (Nilfisk One Clean Air and Nilfisk One Prime models has an HEPA13 filter for ultra clean air)
  • ‘C’ rating dust pick up on carpet and A rating on hard flooring
  • ‘C’ rating on emission (Nilfisk One Clean Air and Nilfisk One Prime models boast an ‘A’ emission)
  • ‘A’ rating in energy usage, with a 700 watt motor and minimum 500 hours lifetime

And on top of all that you can choose from 6 different colours that match your décor.

The Nilfisk One series of vacuum cleaners is another example of quality engineering and modern features that Nilfisk are renowned for.

Nilfisk – thinking about you and the planet.

    • Storability - No problems getting this small vacuum into a storage solution. Just wrap the hose around the machine and away it goes into storage.
    • Small & Handy - High maneuverability and easy access to confided spaces.
    • Cleaning performance - dust pickup on carpet boasts a ‘C’ rating and on hard flooring an ‘A’ rating.
    • Energy saving – with an Energy Class ‘A’ rating  you will save up to 50% of power usage compared to other vacuums.

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