C 110.7-5 PCA X-TRA UK
Nilfisk Consumer
C 110.7-5 PCA X-TRA UK

C 110.7/ C 110.7 X-TRA

Compact and handy high pressure washers for basic outdoor cleaning tasks

Product no: 128470804

You can make good use of the C 110.7 pressure washer. It is handy sized and the build-in trolley on the X–TRA models makes it easy to transport.

This machine has a number of functions that cover basic cleaning needs and is used for tasks around the house such as cleaning of  cars, bicycles, garden furniture, fences and small patios

This high pressure washer offers a maximal pressure of 110 bar - enough to be efficient on light to moderately dirty surfaces.

With Click&Clean connectivity a broad range of accessories ranging from nozzles, brushes, foam sprayers and patio cleaners can be attached.

    • The C 110.7 is easy to use, move around and store with its compact and light weight design.
    • X-TRA models have a trolley build in.
    • The automatic start/stop system along with an aluminum pump makes this a reliable product.

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