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Product no: 128390016

The Nilfisk Quick cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to clean up small messes. Its small size fits virtually anywhere to pick up dirt and dust. With up to 15 minutes of run time, you will run out of places to clean before you run out of power. The Nilfisk Quick cleaner is the perfect partner for keeping a clean home.

Designed to handle small messes with ease, the new Nilfisk Quick cleaner is the fastest way to clean your home. Cordless, lightweight and portable, the Quick cleaner can be kept close at hand for those days where keeping the house clean feels like a constant battle. The small size can easily get into tight spots to remove dirt and dust. Around table legs, underneath furniture or even behind furniture – the Quick cleaner can go anywhere.

One charge provides up to 15 minutes of powerful cleaning and the convenient battery indicator lets you know when it is time for a recharge.

The Quick cleaner is available in three sizes: 20Vmax, 28Vmax and 36Vmax to deliver enough power to clean even the toughest messes.

Includes three (3) accessories: Combi crevice and brush, upholstery and adjustable brush. No need to pull out a large vacuum to remove dirt and dust.

Small enough to be stored virtually anywhere.

Great for homes with pets or small children.

Holds up to 0.6 litres of dirt or dust.

    • Perfect for small clean-ups – Small, lightweight size is perfect for small clean-ups and getting into tight spaces
    • Long run time – Up to 15 minutes run time and 0,6 litres of dust capacity gives you more than enough power and storage to clean without stopping
    • Nilfisk Quality – Designed to deliver quick cleaning power while still being easy to clean and maintain
    • Made for your lifestyle - Available in three different sizes (20Vmax, 28Vmax and 36Vmax) to deliver the right cleaning power to meet your exact needs

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