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Nilfisk Buddy II 18 T

Lightweight and compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner with electrical outlet for power tool

Product no: 18451134

The Nilfisk Buddy II is a powerful helper for picking up Wet & Dry debris... for your home, car, workshop and hobbies.

This second generation of household wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with an 18 liters container and is equipped with an electrical power outlet to connect your power tool.

Nilfisk Buddy II 18 – the second generation – has a container capacity of 18 litres. The light weight and compact design makes it handy working with. With electrical power outlet it is easy to clean up after Do it Youself tasks.

    • The Nilfisk Buddy II 18 T makes it handy working with power tools and removing dust and dirt in the same process.
    • Attach your power cord to the machine and connect the suction hose to your power tool with the included power tool adapter.
    • 1200 watt motor will pick up any debris you want to get rid of.
    • The Blow function provides you with another option for cleaning - perfect for e.g. an inflatable boat
    • Two big wheels at the back and two rotation wheels in front make the machine very stable and easy to move around.
    • The standard wet filter protects your turbine for a long lifetime.
    • The built in accessory holder provides storage for your accessories so they are always at hand.
    • Ergonomic grip so you will have a balanced machine when you carry it around. The grip is shaped so you can place the tube on top when having a break.

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