E145.3-10 H X-TRA EU
Nilfisk Consumer
E145.3-10 H X-TRA EU

E 145.3 X-TRA

10 m. high pressure hose on a powerful, yet user-friendly high pressure washer

Product no: 128470508

The E 145.3 X-TRA is a domestic pressure washer, which offers, along with a good performance level, a high level of comfort, flexibility and user-friendliness. It is standard with a reliable and long lasting induction motor.

These pressure washers are super cleaning machines for all types of medium to high frequency outdoor cleaning tasks around the house. Perfect for cleaning 4x4 vehicles, caravans and of course the patio

The E 145.3 X-TRA models are very mobile and user-friendly due to the upright and ergonomic design and the on-board hose reel. The build-in telescopic handle make these machines easy to store when not in use. The storage options also include storage of Click&Clean accessories, such as C&C auto brush or a rotary brush. The C&C nozzle system, which is a unique feature for Nilfisk pressure washers, makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling ensures compatibility to the wide Nilfisk consumer accessory range.

    • 145 bar pressure
    • 10 m. steel armed high pressure hose
    • Reliable aluminium pump
    • Telescopic handle with sturdy and robust aluminium tubes
    • Trolley ensures high mobility
    • Storage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayer
    • Integrated storage for hose and electric cable Pressure regulation
    • Click&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzle
    • The height of the products ensures good ergonomic
    • Automatic start/stop
    • Sturdy and robust design
    • Noise reduction by rubber suspension of motor pump unit
    • Can be used as stationary solution with a separate wall hook

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