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Nilfisk Performer 150

Nilfisk Performer 150, High Performance, wireless technology


Product no: 107404974

  • Convenient, plug the hose into the wall inlet and start.
  • Good indoor climate, the exhaust air is lead outside the house.
  • Low noise, only from the air through the nozzle.
  • Easy to install.
  • High suction power
  • Good looking design and high quality

High performance in houses up tp 150 sqm.

This machine gives you the performance you need in houses up to 150 sqm, or a pipe line on maximum 30 meters.

All Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners have wireless technology, so that they can be fittet with the hose of your choice.

This produkt is only a machine. If you need a complete installation kit look for All-in-1 Supreme 100, or buy pipes, fitting and hosekit seperately.

Central vacuum cleaners Performer

Imagine a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, highly efficient and almost silent; one that you don't have to carry upstairs; won't bump into the furniture or walls, get stuck in corners and that expels it's exhaust air outdoors.
It does exist - the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner.

The concept is simple: Plug the flexible hose into the wall inlet, start vacuuming and focus on the cleaning task, not balancing and weight lifting. The dust is brought through the pipes to a bag or container in the central vacuum cleaner, located in the garage, basement or attic. The exhaust air is lead outside the house.

Choose from different hose:

Manual handle
The vacuum cleaner starts and stops automatically when the hose is connected to an inlet. No control features available.

Wireless+ handle
The handle with LED display is provides information by flashing when something is wrong or needs to be done - such as: empty
dust bag, clean filter, airflow blocked, overload, service needed, etc. The different flashing signals are coded messages that are
explained in the user manual.

Deluxe handle
The LCD handel is equipped with a display, providing direct information about various situations: when it is time to empty the
dust bag or clean the filter, when the airflow is blocked or service is needed, in case of overheating or out-of-range; plus it has a 5-speed suction power level. The Deluxe hose also has a battery level indicator.

    • Amazing cleaning performance improves the indoor climate
    • Works very quietly with out cutting you off from the life around you
    • Lightweight and easy to handle - for improved working conditions
    • Powerful and extremely efficient suction attacks pet hair effectively
    • A clever precaution against asthma, eczema, and other allergies
    • Manges stairs without any inconveniense for you

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