CDB 3000 220-240V EU
Nilfisk Consumer

Nilfisk Family and Nilfisk Business

All-purpose vacuum cleaner - huge work capacity and excellent filtration

CDB 3000 220-240V EU

Product no: 107410455

This product line is discontinued

Designed for large families and for business cleaning needs, the high performance vacuum cleaners, Nilfisk Family and Nilfisk Business, can cope with the heavy jobs.

The models are all purpose vacuum cleaners with huge work capacity, excellent filtration, and noticeably bigger dust bags. And they can run without dust bag as well. The Nilfisk Family and Nilfisk Business series were developed against a background of many years' experience with the Nilfisk industrial range.

    • Very robust and durable construction
    • High suction power
    • Can run with or without the large dust bag Efficient filtration

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