Nilfisk Bravo - Family friendly dust-eater vacuum cleaner - ideal with kids and pets in the house!

8/9/2011 12:00 AM



The new consumer vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Bravo will replace the Action Plus series.

Behind the new design lines are designers from the BMW Group Designworks, USA, who have a range of award-winning designs on their résumé.

From the soft back wheels to the ergonomic carrying handle, the extra large dust bag and the powerful motor, everything is carefully constructed to meet the needs of a busy modern family.

Learn much more about the machine by watching the promotion video here 

• Family-friendly design – ideal with kids and pets in the house

• Impressive suction power – picks up dust at 2000 watt

• Convenient XL dust bag for extra mileage between dust bag changes

• Blow function for inflating airbeds or removing fluff from behind radiators or other difficult to reach areas

• Aerodynamic look inspired by modern car design

• Effective HEPA filtration and practical on board accessories