Nilfisk Power Eco - Low energy and recyclable vacuum cleaner

8/6/2014 12:00 AM

The Nilfisk Power Eco combines a high performance level with a low energy consumption. The high eficiency of the motor module means that while you are lowering your energy consumption and are reducing the negative efect on the environment you still get an excellent cleaning result.


Impressive performance combined with a functional design makes cleaning with the Nilfisk Power as easy and as pleasant as it can be. The vac has high quality nozzles and on-board accessories, a soft handle, click connections between hose, tube and nozzle. The vac has adjustable power that can be set to the specific cleaning task and HEPA 12 filtration to trap allergens. The 8m cable allows a large operation radius.


Further advantages:

• Low energy - high performance
• More than 90% recyclable
• Concentrated power, only 1250W motor but impressive performance
• HEPA filtration: HEPA filter will help put a lid on allergies. Dirt comes in, and clean air comes out
• Silent: So silent that you can have a conversation while you vacuum
• Robust design: Long lasting and functional for many years to come