No need to get stuck if the toilet won't flush

9/23/2008 12:00 AM

What do you do?
Call the slurry truck right away, start digging up the earth around the sump outside, or do you just hope for the better? Nilfisk, the company with the popular pressure washers has a better proposal:

You save money for the truck, leave your spade in the shed and take simple, but affirmative action. You take out the Nilfisk’s drain & tube cleaner, and a few minutes later the blockage is gone and your family life restored to normal.
The big dilemma - conscience or convenience. 
In our effort to reduce the strain on our natural resources more and more of us get rid of our old water-wasteful toilets.

Where before we would just "pull the chain", and the water would come gushing out to leave the drain nice and clean, today's toilets are rather less convenient.

Because the amount of water is smaller and the flow much more slow, blockages become an unpleasantly frequent event. Instead of hanging upside down in a sewer drain every third month, or getting your conscience"dirty" using drain cleaning chemicals, you might want to consider the Nilfisk drain & tube cleaner.

Small and handy but very powerful.
The Nilfisk Drain & Tube cleaner consists of a long thin high-pressure hose with a special nozzle on the end” explains Nilfisk’s Portfolio Manager, Esben Graff.

"It shoots at angles one jet forward and three jets backwards, enabling the pressure water to burst forward through the sewer pipe. When reaching the blockage, the forward jet eats away the blockage while the three other flush the remains backwards".

Test results prove the small DIY device to be surprisingly effective. It reaches without difficulty four to seven metres underneath the house to flush the pipes completely clean. The drain & tube cleaner is 15 m. long. 

This little drain cleaning gadget doesn't look like much, but when you turn on the pressure, the hose will easily resolve you sewer blockage and your conscience.