Short-cut to a central vacuum cleaner

5/1/2009 12:00 AM

The time from idea to action has now become a lot shorter for the many homeowners considering installing a central vacuum cleaner in their homes.

Nilfisk has made the decision-making process shorter by offering homeowners a much better and more realistic means of reaching a decision. The latest innovation is a free planning service, which is based on interested homeowners sending in a drawing of their home to Nilfisk Frithiof. A few days later, they will receive a plan showing recommended locations for outlets, pipes and suction unit - and of course a price for the whole system.

A central vacuum cleaner can be installed in new and existing homes, and gives users a number of advantages, not to mention making life easier. When vacuuming, the hose is simply connected to a wall outlet. There is no motor noise, no return air, no odours and no heavy vacuum cleaner to be dragged around and to scratch walls, panels and furniture.

A central vacuum cleaner not only makes vacuuming comfortable and easy, it also improves the indoor climate. All the dust is collected in a container, while the air is filtered and blown out into the fresh air. As such, no exhaust air is blown back into the room with microparticles and odours.

Nilfisk can supply a range of different solutions, all of which can be customised for the dwelling in which they are to be used. And Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners also feature bagless containers - gathering all the dust in a sealed container which only needs emptying a couple of times a year.

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