Why Nilfisk

Service and quality

Nilfisk gives 5 years of motor warranty on all vacuum units. With a Nilfisk Central vacuum cleaner you can be sure to have the best quality. All products are tested to last for many years. 

To give you the best service Nilfisk gives 5 years of motor warranty on all vacuumers units. Not only the vacuum units are tested to have the best quality. to have the best quality. For example the wheel at the Nilfisk combination nozzle is tested to run a minimum of 500 km.

Selfcleaning filter

Use your Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner with or without dust bag. The Nilfisk models with self-cleaning filter makes it possible for you to use the machine bagless. Cyclone effect is made by the bend located in the container which fills the bag/container even better. Simply clean the filter by opening the container and shake the filter – depending on use; do this only 2-4 times per year. 

If you choose to use the dust bag – depending on use; only change the bag 2 times per year.

Wireless technology and Complete info center

The new top model from Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners gives you all information needed for perfect servicing your new vacuum cleaner.

Nilfisk gives you the latest technology within central vacuum cleaners. A complete info center​ gives you all information needed to keep your vaccum cleaner in good shape, and the wireless technology gives you the oppertunity to mix and match all machines and hoses after your choice.

Supreme performance and design

The powerful motor ensures constant, efficient suction, which effectively removes dust, even from shaggy rugs. Air rushes through the pipes at 100 kph.
All handles are designed for the best in ergonomics, quality and good looks. Due to the wireless technology all Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners and handles are mutually compatible. You can mix them as you please and upgrade at any time.