Discreet installation


Special design inlets

Nilfisk's special designed vacuum inlets gives you an almost invisible vacuum cleaner. They are special designed to blend in with the rest of the interiour of the house.

To locate suction inlets
Due to the length og the hose, the distance from the inlet to the farthest corner of the house is 12 meter. Cut a 12 meter long string (or the equivalent scale if measuring on a drawing). Attach the string where you want the inlet to be placed, and check if the string can reach into every corner.

In a normal house you only need one inlet per approximate 80-100 m2.

Tips for placing inlets:


  • In existing houses: Use closet or cornercover to hide pipes
  • Place inlet so you can vacuum stairs from buttom and up
  • Do not place the inlet further away from the machine than recommended (30 meters for Supreme 100 and Supreme 150, 50 meters for Supreme 250, and 70 meters for Supreme LCD​​​)