Power Patio

Have a stunning patio in no time and enjoy your garden and outdoor life again

Spring is near and for many it is time to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living again. After a long winter everything looks a bit dull and dirty. Garden furniture, windows, decking’s, driveways, terraces and patios need a bit of spring cleaning.​


Nilfisk has just released a new cleaning accessory attachable to their high pressure washers. It’s called the Power Patio and with good reason. The Patio cleaner offers households faster cleaning of outdoor surfaces while being gentle to the surface at the same time.

Cleans faster
Outdoor surfaces tend to get covered by dirt and debris unless taken care of. It is a tedious chore you want to finish as soon as possible. With the new Nilfisk Power Patio you get to enjoy the outdoor pleasures sooner. The Power Patio comes with specially designed nozzles and the largest efficient size promising up to 20% higher speed than comparable cleaners.

The right tool will end your worries
Your outdoor areas may have different surfaces like wood, stone, bricks or even concrete. Using a high pressure washer alone on these may be too hard and damaging.
However, you don’t need to worry as the Nilfisk Power Patio is dedicated to gentle cleaning. The Power Patios comes with a power regulation so you can effectively reduce the cleaning power to match for example a soft wooden terrace. You get in control and don’t need to worry about marks or stripes when done.




Occasionally, your challenge is different. You may find areas with really engrained dirt. For such areas the Power Patio offers Dirt Hammer nozzles with an extra hard cleaning power. You can switch between the general nozzles and the Dirt Hammer nozzle as you please. In this way you will soon remove the dirt and discover a remarkable result. Use of detergents makes cleaning even more quicker and easier.
When finished rinse of the loosened dirt. Consider applying a protective coat to the cleaned surface for a sustained great result. Now you are ready to relax and enjoy the sun.