House and garden

Here you will find different accessories for your pressure washer, depending on what you cleaning job is.


Click&Clean Multi Angel Adaptor
For hard to reach areas. The tube can stepwise be angled to 90 degrees.
Item no. 6411138
Multi Brush Kit
This accessory kit consists of a brush with built-in detergent tank and 3 different brush heads. 1) Car head with soft bristles 2) Cone shaped rim brush head for cleaning vehicle rims 3) Garden brush with stiff bristles, perfect for wooden furniture.
Item no.128470459


Power Patio
The optimum solution for cleaning flag stones, walls, fences and other large surfaces.
Item no. 128500955


Roof Cleaner
For quick and easy roof cleaning. A combined solution with the telescopic Roof Cleaner handle and the Roof Cleaner detergent.
Item no. 128470040

Water Sand Blasting Set
For effective removal of rust, paint, etc., on hard surfaces.
Red colour code: Item no. 6410758
Green colour code: Item no. 6410891
Drain and Tube Cleaner - 15 m
For easy cleaning of blocked drains, pipes or rain gutters.
Item no. 6410766

Water Suction Kit
For easy emptying of ponds, drying up patios or other place​s, where water has difficulties getting into the drain system.
Item no. 126411387
Wall Bracket
Leave the high pressure washer hanging on the wall, while cleaning. Practical in use and as storage.
Item no. 106411386​