Click & Clean Auto Nozzle 
High pressure nozzle optimised for cleaning vehicles. The 80 degrees spray angle ensures quick and gentle cleanin​g, protecting the surface.
Item no. 6411136 


Rotary Brush
The brush rotates while cleaning.
Item no. 6410762

Multi Brush
This brush is designed specifically for cleaning cleaning vehicles, bycicle, etc. It has an on-board detergent tank and an inner rotating brush.
Item no. 128470456
Click & Clean Foam sprayer
Item no. 6411132
Click & Clean Auto Brush
With split bristles  and swivel in connection. Practical squeegee to remove water from windows. Works well with detergents.
Item no. 6411131
Click&Clean Underchassis Nozzle
Low pressure nozzle with a fixed bend of 90 degrees and a 65 degrees spray angle.
Item no. 6411135
Underchassis Lance
With bayonet coupling. Extends your working area - ideal for cleaning rain gutters and other hard-to-reach places.
Item no. 6410763​