100 bar---130 bar

The Compact range - 100 bar - 130 bar

The compact is the perfect choice if you need a handy high pressure washer for the most common cleaning tasks.

The C 120 models are robust and efficient machines with a performance of 120 bar. Perfect for smaller households and vehicle cleaning. The upright design and the wide wheels make these machines highly mobile. Furthermore, they can be stored on the wall with a special wall hook to save space.

And this is included with the Compact models:
  • Reliable metal pump
  • Quick coupling between hose and handle
  • Click&Clean for quick change between accessories
  • Foam sprayer
  • Tornado and Powerspeed nozzles (C100/C110)
  • Tornado PR and Powerspeed nozzle (C120.3/C130.1)
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Easy storage of hose, handle and nozzles