Why choose a Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner

Why choose a central vacuum cleaner


Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner gives you a number of advantages

Simple, functional and discreet. The discreet inlets blend perfectly into modern interior design. The only attention they attract is admiration.

Using a Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner means easy vacuuming. No heavy and awkward machine to drag around, easy to get into corners, up and down stairs, vacuum at any height without heavy lifting and a hose which is never too short.

The Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner removes dust from the house for good, which means you do not have to vacuum as often. What’s more, the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner is so quiet, you can listen to music while you work, or avoid disturbing the rest of the family. These are just some of the advantages which makes vacuuming less of a chore – and makes Nilfisk more than just a vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore it is odor free, lightweight and extremely handy, turning a repetitive domestic chore into an agreeable easy-to-do job. With the central suction unit stowed away in the arric, in the basement, or in some other remote location where it bothers no one, it is out of the way, and the only thing you need to carry around when vacuuming is the hose itself.

Overall, it is an extremely convenient, hygenic and flexible system that is adaptable all to homes.​​​


Discreet installation ​​​High suction ​power and other features No odors​ ​Silent vacuuming ​ Ergonomic vacuuming​