Asthma and allergy

Studies from University of California on "Davis School of Medicine" has showned that a central vacuum cleaner provide measurable benefits for allergy sufferers.
Poor indoor climate is one of the major problems for allergy suffers. A Central Vacuum is often recommended to facilitate these genes, and now the University of California investigated whether it really helps.
Ordinary vacuums circulate the air and dust back into the room. A Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner removes dust, micro particles and pollen out into the blue and therefore benefits allergy sufferers.
See test results on Allergies and using a central vacuum (link)
Get rid of pet hair once and for all
Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners are ideal if there are pets in the home. Animal fur contains lanolin, which
gives an unpleasant odour when heated in an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner solves this problem once and for all.
Odors are removed from the room since dog and cat hair is efficiently picked up. The air is filtered and vented outdoors. The result is a bet­ter indoor climate for all pet owners. Cleaner air also helps relieve the symptoms of allergy sufferers.
With our animal brush your vacuum cleaner becomes the dog’s best friend. It brushes the dog and picks up the hair at the same time.
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