Installation in old house

The vacuum unit can be located anywhere in the house, and you only need access to it a couple of times a year to empty the container. NB: The vacuum unit should be vented outside living areas.

The vacuum unit can be placed in the garage, on the ceiling, in a high cabinet or in the basement.


Example of pipe system running across a ceiling



Pipe system

Concealed and discreet installation is always possible, as the pipes needed for a Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner can be installed in a wide range of locations throughout the house.

Connecting the system

All pipes are assembled quickly and actively using special glue, which form a strong and airtight seal almost like a weld. Screws only need to be used for the inlets and vacpans.

Start by installing the machine and work your way towards the inlet.

Hiding the pipe system:

  • Loft space
  • Eaves space
  • High cabinets
  • Ducts/shafts/old chimneys
  • Kitchen/scullery plinths
  • Basement ceilings
  • Read our installation guide and see how easy and simple you can install a Nilfisk central vacuum in an existing house.

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