Location of the machine and pipes

Positioning the machine
You can put the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner many different places:
  • In the garage
  • On the ceiling
  • In a high cabinet
  • In the basement
The machine can stand the cold, and do not form condensation in the pipes because it is a closed system and no hot air is leaking through the pipes. When the machine is in use it has a suction power up to 100 km/hour through the pipes.
If the machine is placed in the utility or in the basement, the air is blown out into the open. Use the same pipes for the air outlet as in the rest of the piping. An exhaust valve can be placed on the outside of the house.
Placement of the pipes
Do you have difficulty getting the pipes hidden in tall cabinets or the wall; you can use a Nilfisk corner
cover to hide the pipes. You can also install an inlet in the Nilfisk corner cover.
Going from basement to ground floor and on to first floor we recommend that you put the Nilfisk corner in a room and create an inlet in the wall.


Storage of the hose
You can easily store the hose with the Nilfisk hosehanger. Put the hosehanger on the wall or in the cabinet.

Once you have vacuumed put the hose in 3-4 turns on the floor, then it is easy to lift up on the hosehanger. The few turns makes it easier to straighten out and follows around when you vacuum.
The first time you use the hose, it is a good idea to completely straighten it out, then the twist from storage in the box will completely be removed.