Supreme Machine


Wireless technology and Complete info center

The new top model from Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners gives you all information needed for perfect servicing your new vacuum cleaner.

Nilfisk gives you the latest technology within central vacuum cleaners. A complete info center gives you all information needed to keep your vaccum cleaner in good shape, and the wireless technology gives you the oppertunity to mix and match all machines and hoses after your choice.


Nilfisk Deluxe hose with LCD display




  • ​​Control suction power (5 levels)

  • ON/OFF button

  • Suction power indicator

  • Service indi cator

  • Bag full or filter​​​ clean indicator

  • Battery level

  • Overheat indicator

  • Handle out of reach indicator 





Nilfisk Supreme LCD - for houses up to 500 sqm 

Nilfisk Supreme LCD has LCD display giving you the following information:
  • Bag full or filter clean
  • Airflow blocked
  • Service
  • Overheating
  • Handle out of reach
  • Suction power level (5 levels)

The models with Liquid-crystal display (LCD) are very easy to use - simply press the on/off button in the bend end to start.