Multi II


Nilfisk has just launched an updated edition of their wet/dry vacuum cleaner in the Multi series. Multi II has several smart functions, so it is easy to effectively clean both inside and outside. Use it as vacuum cleaner number two for all the rough tasks, that a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot handle, in and around the house: e.g. to clean the car, to vacuum up soil and water, and to effectively remove dust from the grinding machine - or use the Blow function to blow away the leaves from the terrace or to inflate the rubber boat or swimming pool fast.



There is hardly a home that does not have a traditional vacuum cleaner. But if you live in a house with a terrace and garden, then there is good reason to also invest in another type of vacuum cleaner for the rougher tasks - namely a wet/dry vacuum cleaner such as the new Nilfisk Multi II.

Multi II comes in several sizes and designs, and is the perfect tool for handling those tasks that a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot do - e.g. if there is water on the floor, muddy soil in the scullery, leaves and dust on the terrace, or shavings and sawdust in the workshop. Multi II is also your best friend when the car or boat need to be prepared, and when you need to work with e.g. grinding and drilling machines, and you do not feel like having dust and dirt everywhere.

The user-friendly panel makes it easy to use the Multi II. 
Several models offer the new innovative and unique Push&Clean function
Maintain performance with the new Push&Clean function
As with all Nilfisk products, it is a case of Danish design quality with smart, in-built functions. The Multi II series separates itself from the previous models by being equipped with several smart features. As a standard, the Multi II will tell you, itself, when the filter needs to be cleaned. On most models, there is even an in-built innovative and unique Push&Clean function, which makes it possible to let the machine clean the filter by itself, by using a wave of pressure around the filter.

When the container is filled with dirt or water, it is easy to empty it. You just open the machine and turn the container upside down. Multi II does not require a traditional vacuum cleaner bag, but if you feel that this is easier to use for dry vacuuming, you have the ability to insert a fleece dust bag into it.
Extra equipment provides a wealth of opportunities
Multi II does not only suck, but it also blows. If you place the hose in the other opening, it automatically blows, and can be used to remove leaves from the garden path, or sand from the tiles.
If you buy a Convenience Kit, you can also attach a nozzle that allows Multi II to inflate the rubber boat, the garden pond and the air mattress in a very short space of time. There is also an adaptor for your power tools in this kit, so you can avoid drilling and grinding dust while you work. Finally, you also get a plunger that can be used to clean clogged drains.

Similarly, you have the option to purchase a Car Kit that makes it easy to clean all parts of the car. You will get, among other things, a smart, thin rubber pipe, that can get into all the nooks and crannies and efficiently suck away the dirt. And with the turbo nozzle with in-built, rotating brushes, you can get in deep when you vacuum the car mats.


With an extra Car Kit, it is super easy to clean the car like these car mats