How to choose


Which is perfect for you?


Nilfisk vacuum cleaners come in several sizes, capacities, designs and executions. All efficient and competent, but differently so, in that they are developed to suit different people with different needs and demands.

What is perfect for you de­pends on who you are, how you live, and where you are in your life. So, think about it, how big is your home? Do you have stairs? Children? Pets? Allergies in the family? How often do you vacuum?  

Add it all together, watch the short videos below, and see which of the por­trayed vacuum cleaners seems to suit you and your life the best. We believe that the exercise is going to make it easier for you to choose.

For families that simply want the best on their houses and appartments, where power is needed! appartments, where power is needed! Watch ​the vidoe here!